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the I S A B E L L A

Miss I S A B E L L A ' S Finishing School for Fine Furniture welcomes you.  


Elbows off the table, my dears. Miss I S A B E L L A will instantly upgrade the class level of any room she graces. What with her attention to detail and refinement--she simply will not stand for slouching chairs or insolent throw pillows. 


Refined style and class define the I S A B E L L A sofa. From her gracefully curved arms to her delicate bamboo-style turned legs she demands you sit like a lady. 


Pinkies out, darlings.

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I S A B E L L A can be done in COM, or choose from our line of preselected F A B R I C S  in a wide range of colors.




the I S A B E L L A  


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