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the I N G R I D

It's a love affair men will never understand. But this table may help. 


A woman and a spectacular shoe--need I say more?

And ​I N G R I D knows that love--perched as she is on a gorgeous set of legs reminiscent of the best stiletto heel. But it certainly doesn't stop there: I N G R I D offers the best of everything, and she does it with style. Like a picture frame the comfortable padded leather outer ring showcases the mirror in the center. 


A place for your feet, a place for your drinks, and not too hard on the eyes. 



I N G R I D is offered in three shapes: oval, rectangle or square. 



Height: 18 ½”

Width: 36”

Length: 54”



Height: 18 ½”

Width: 48”

Length: 48”



Height: 18 ½”

Width: 32”

Length: 54”


Fabric Requirements for all:

COM: 2 yards

COL: 40 sq. ft.

I N G R I D can be done in either COM or COL, in any of the  B R I C S from our preselected line, or you can

O N T A C T us for more information about the wide range of leathers we carry. 


Sample shown is in COL.

H O W  I T ' S  M A D E

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