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O U R   S T O R Y

M E E T  M A R T I N  I N D U S T R I E S 

And no, none of us is named Martin.


The roots of Martin Industries run deep in Philadelphia. Over 60 years ago the original owner Marty (yes, the Martin) began his furniture company in a three story building at 13th and Lombard. 


Furniture--both custom and a line of his own, accessories, fabrics--Martin Industries soon became a stomping ground for interior designers and decorators from up and down the east coast. One of Marty's best decisions: to hire a young punk art teacher who was looking for a new line of work--John Kline.


In time Marty passed the business to Howard, then Howard passed it to David. Faces changed, styles changed, the lines were dropped to focus on strictly custom work, but some things stayed the same. Namely: John, still drawing away in the office, and the commitment to beautiful, well-made furniture. 


And in 2005 David passed the business on to John and his son Jeremy.


John and Jeremy bring a unique combination to this Philadelphia tradition. From our current location in historic Bristol, PA we continue to produce upholstered works of art, putting ourselves wholeheartedly into everything we do. 


Martin Industries has become a true family business. John brings over 45 solid years of knowledge and experience in furniture: room layout, design work, frame/schematic drawings, and working with decorators and their clients. His skin smells like fabric and down feathers. Jeremy brings a solid business background, running both the office and shop with a hands-on approach. What started as a managerial position has expanded to him learning all facets of the trade and becoming a master upholsterer in his own right. 


Now Martin Industries looks ahead to the future and another 60+ years: we have the same commitment and devotion to providing custom furniture to our clients. And now we are happy to get back to our roots and add our own line to the mix. So check us out. Throw us a challenge. After all,  



we love furniture.

H O W  I T ' S  M A D E

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